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How This Works

GeekYourRate is the most comprehensive and customized electricity shopping website available to Texans. It serves residential customers of the Oncor and Centerpoint Energy distrubution territories of Texas, to compare the hundreds of electric plans offered by nearly 50 Retail Electric Providers. The Oncor distribution territory consists of the majority of the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, as well as Tyler, Midland, and Waco. The Centerpoint distribution territory consists of the greater Houston area, as well as Galveston and Corpus Christi.

GeekYourRate is the premier site in Texas for finding the lowest annual-cost plans corresponding to the your actual or estimated monthly usage. All of the 160+ electric plans available to you are compared and sorted by your estimated annual cost. This is accomplished using unique formulas for each electric plan and features such as local weather-based and residential structure simulation algorithms (when you don't know your past usage). Over 2,000 calculations are made in seconds, to arrive at your unique results.

The link to sign up with a given plan is exactly the same link that (the Texas government site) uses on their website. You will be taken directly to the electric provider’s website to sign up for the plan you choose. GeekYourRate gets no referral fee or compensation of any kind from any provider you sign up with. You can be assured of unbiased shopping results!

We must charge a small one-time subscription fee to remain in business. We spend hours updating all of the 160+ electric plans on a daily basis. Our subscription fee includes all state and local sales tax, which we are required to pay to the state of Texas. You will find that any electricity comparison website that is completely free to use, is receiving money from the electric companies themselves, and typically only show you the plans that make them money.

Start using Geek Your Rate by subscribing for the low one-time fee. Then enter your zipcode and follow 2 or 3 simple steps to reach the Results page, which displays all of your electric plan choices sorted by your lowest estimated annual cost over the term of the contract. You can then view today's electricity plans with contract lengths ranging from 3 months to 60 months.

VIDEO: How does it work?